Why Complacency is Just as Bad as Being Lazy in Exercising

Article written by Best fat burning guide

If you’re wondering what complacency has to do when it comes to exercising, it means that you reach a certain level of physical activity where you plateau. If you’re in the best possible physical condition, then don’t mistake complacency for maintaining a high level of fitness. When we talk about complacency, we’re talking about people who are looking to get into shape and would stick to certain exercise routines that they are comfortable with. This means that they would settle for running a certain distance or lifting certain weights when in fact they can do more. This can be devastating to your body and your overall fitness goals since your body is a lot smarter than you think it is. It can quickly adapt to what you’re doing and it can quickly become accustomed to what you’re doing. If you want to get into good shape, then don’t settle for running one mile or lifting 10-pound weights. Shake things up a little bit and give your body the jolt that it needs! Notice that if you’ve been running for quite some time, a one mile jog wouldn’t make you as sweaty as you used to. This is becomes your body has become used to it so much that it thinks that what you’re doing is normal.  If you want to burn more calories, you need to either increase the distance or increase the intensity of your workout. Don’t make an imaginary peak for your fitness when in fact you know you can do more.

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