Why a rest day is just as important as your workout day

Article written by Only Health News

Our bodies are fragile. If you put too much pressure into it, it’s going to break. That is precisely why even world-class athletes would need some downtime to relax and recover. So what’s in a rest day? If you’ve been regularly exercising, you’ll notice that in every trainer’s workout program, there’s always a rest day which requires you to relax and take a break from your usual grueling, gut-wrenching, back-breaking, intense workouts. Your rest day is there specifically so your body can recover from all that work you are putting it through.

Your body is a well-oiled machine, and just like any other machine it has a lot of moving parts. Think of your rest day as some sort of preventive maintenance for your body. It allows your joints, your tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even your heart to take a much needed rest. Simply put, this time is for your body to repair itself and to prevent injury. Constant training without any rest periods would drastically increase your risk of injury due to the simple fact that your body is subject to such a high degree of stress without any chance of it to recover. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see any results right away. Be patient and try to realize that weight loss is not a sprint, it’s actually a marathon. So, just pace yourself and watch as your hard work pays off dividends in the near future. Being overeager and impatient will give you nothing but frustration and the off-chance of injury.

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