The Ill-effects of Overtraining

Article written by The guide to healthy living

The problem of living in a fast-paced world is that we want things right away; high-speed internet, information brought right before you in a matter of milliseconds. This habit of wanting things immediately can easily spill over to other parts of your life. Even working out can fall victim to such a mindset. We are used to getting things right away that we sometimes forget that some things need a lot of work to be put in so you can get it. Overtraining is a condition that happens when your exercise goes beyond your body’s capacity to recover. Its effects lead to regression in muscle development, and a decrease in strength and fitness. As a matter of fact, overtraining would even affect your emotional condition as well.

This is a direct result of pushing your body farther and harder without giving yourself a chance to rest and recover. To prevent this, you must observe having a rest day in your workout schedule and trying different types of exercise that target other muscle groups. Do not make the mistake of focusing on just a few body parts while neglecting the rest. Alternate your exercises so you will be able to have a complete body workout in your week. This allows stressed out body parts to recover while you can exercise other body parts which are not as heavily used. If you really can’t take not doing anything, try yoga, meditation, or some cardio if you really feel the need to put in a little exercise.

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