Diet and Eye Health

Foods for healthy eyes. Concept. View from above

There is no denying just how valuable reliable eyesight is. Having the ability to see clearly can help you complete tasks, from the most complex to even the simplest ones. This is one thing that you may not think much about but you would quickly realize how important good vision is if you suddenly found yourself without it.

Monitoring your diet, including what you eat and the types of supplements you take, is a great way to keep your vision strong.


Water is an important part of any diet. Drinking water adds moisture to your body and helps everything run properly. Staying hydrated can, for instance, keep your contact lenses from sticking to the surface of your eyes. Water helps your body digest food, bring nutrients to different parts of the body, and keep your body cool. All of these benefits are connected and will ultimately lead back to the quality of your eyesight.

Fatty Acids

Some people try to avoid fats altogether but there are reasons why adding certain ones to your diet is a good idea. Fatty acids, which can be found in foods like salmon, nuts, chia seeds, and oily fish, help boost the immune system, help protect your retinas, and aid in the development of your eyes. Checking, social media, or editing a video can make your eyes tired.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can help decrease your chances of developing cataracts and it can help combat certain conditions that lead to vision loss.

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