3 Eating and Exercising tips to keep you in shape


1). Increase your water intake

Increase your water intakeAim to drink at least eight cups of water each day. Water helps to flush the fat out from your body. The body cannot properly burn fat if it is dehydrated. Also, water has less calories than sugary sodas or juices. If you are drinking enough water throughout the day, you probably will not be thirsty for a soda. Therefore, you are decreasing your calorie intake by increasing your water intake.


2). Never miss breakfast

Never miss breakfastBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. But why? It has been scientifically proven that eating breakfast contributes to weight loss. Not only should you eat breakfast, but you should eat a well-balanced breakfast. Try to include protein, such as eggs or oatmeal. Also include fiber-filled fruit such as apples or berries. The fiber and protein will keep your stomach full until lunchtime, so you will not have to pig out on snacks.


3). Keep pushing

According to Nick Di Ruscio, a body builder, you should try to push Joggingyourself to do a couple more reps, even if you feel tired. This is because for the first fifteen minutes of a workout, the body burns sugars and carbs. It is not until the thirty-minute mark that the body enters the fat-burning zone. If you wish to lose fat, your workout sessions will need to last at least 30-minutes.